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Fall 2023 Small Group Classes

Struggling Readers

Beginning Readers

Ages 9-12

Diagnostic Test Will  Determine Placement

1 pm Central Time
55-minute class

$500 for 10 weeks/30 lessons

Free Assessment




Small group classes for homeschooled students in foundational language arts using multi-sensory intensive phonics, 

Spell to Write and Read/Wise Guide for Spelling by Wanda Sanseri over Zoom teleconferencing. 


Email for registration details

A minimum of three students is required for class to begin.


About the SWR/Wise Guide Classes

 The agenda: engaging read-aloud, phonogram review, spelling dictation and/or reference chart, and - as time allows - sentence building and reading aloud the words just written into the learning logs. Parents may sit in, of course.


The Struggling Reader class is for older students who need to be placed correctly in the Wise Guide before we begin. The format will be the same, but gradually I will add more appropriate student reading for practice. But then they usually move faster through the spelling dictation, etc. I was a reading interventionist, so this is close to my heart.


I have digitized many teaching tools onto PowerPoint slideshows or other formats for the screen. Your child will be enthralled by engaging children's books in my Kindle library. This sets a positive, enriching atmosphere.  I follow the Wise Guide, focusing on the reference charts that teach phonogram and SWR spelling rule concepts.


Parental involvement and homework will be to review and quiz over the spelling lists, add any enrichment activities as you have time, and show them how to use Zoom, and switch between documents and a regular web camera. In addition, we use Google Classroom and Quizlet, so a parent will need to help them get set up and logged in to Google Classroom, which will have links to Quizlet listening and writing activities to review the lessons.

Refunds for canceled tuition limited to the first week of class. 


Ages 7-9
11 am Central Time

55-minute classes

$500 for 10 weeks/30 lessons

Free assessment

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