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"I just want to comment that Susan is amazing! My daughter was really struggling, reading at below grade level, and just didn't want to study because of how difficult it was for her. She was at the point where she was crying even thinking about going to school. After working with Susan, she immediately improved in her spelling and after meeting twice a week for about a year, my daughter is on the A/B honor roll and can read anything you give her. What is most important is she has regained her love of school and ENJOYS reading! If you even think your kid has room for improvement in reading or spelling, hire Susan now! She really knows what she is talking about and you won't regret it."-Carolyn Christiansen


Overall great experience. My daughter really enjoyed the time with her tutor and liked the additional work given on Vocab a-z and Quizlet. We look forward to going back to our sessions soon.
R. Schiavi

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